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We deliver carefully selected local Halal ingredients.

Mima Seimen Handa Tenbe Somen Gift Set

Mima Seimen Handa Tenbe Somen Gift Set


It's a little thicker than regular somen, and its unique firmness is addictive. Sanuki wheat and uniquely blended flour are carefully aged and finished with craftsmanship and traditional manufacturing methods. This product comes in a bundle of 8, making it the perfect product for sending a little feeling, such as when you visit as a souvenir or greeting.


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  • Product information

    Product name Mima Seimen Handa Tenbe Somen Gift Set
    Preservation method

    At normal temperature

    expiry date

    about 2 years

    Product content 100g x 8 bundles / box
    raw materials Wheat flour/salt/edible vegetable oil
    allergy wheat
    Shipping method generally
    shipping size 60
  • 取り扱い業者様


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