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We deliver carefully selected local Halal ingredients.

Tonosama curry 1000 meal pack

Tonosama curry 1000 meal pack


Tonosama curry is one of Japan's representative national dishes. Curry and rice are gaining attention as a popular Japanese food along with tempura, sushi, and soba. Our vegetable curry, which uses plenty of Tokushima vegetables, is a processed food certified by the Japan Asia Halal Association. Curry rice, which is usually eaten at home in Japan, has been recreated as a halal product with a unique recipe as a retort pack. Please try it once!
At the HALALEXPO held in Asakusa, Tokyo in November 2016, 200 cups were sold out due to its popularity.

  • Product information

    Product name Tonosama curry 1000 meal pack
    Preservation method Store at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
    expiry date about 1 year
    Product content Retort pack 200g x 1000 bags
    raw materials Onion/carrot/potato/curry roux/curry powder/soy sauce/rapeseed oil/garlic/garam masala
    allergy wheat/soybean
    Shipping method Check out our special shipping rates.
  • Special shipping fee *Tax included

    Hokkaido 45,320 yen
    Tohoku 30,800 yen
    Kanto Shinetsu 22,000 yen
    Hokuriku Chubu 24,200 yen
    Shikoku, China 19,800 yen
    Kyushu 24,200 yen
    Okinawa 49,720 yen
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