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We deliver carefully selected local Halal ingredients.

Onishi dry curry 50 bags

Onishi dry curry 50 bags


Refreshing aroma of 4 kinds of vegetables and spices. Only domestic non-glutinous rice is used. 28 items of allergens (specific raw materials, etc.) are not used. Certified by Japan Disaster Food Society and Japan Asia Halal Association. Large capacity 50 packs included!

  • Product information

    Product name Onishi dry curry 50 bags
    Preservation method At normal temperature
    expiry date 5 years and 6 months
    Product content 100g x 50 packs (1 case)
    raw materials Domestic non-glutinous rice / seasoned dried ingredients (green beans / seasoned onions / corn / carrots) / seasoning powder (salt / sugar / curry powder / onion powder / cornstarch / protein hydrolyzate / turmeric powder / garlic powder / cumin powder / Coriander seed powder/edible vegetable oil/parsley)/amino acids, etc./fine silicon oxide/calcium phosphate/fragrance/trehalose/antioxidant (vitamin E)
    allergy none

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