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We deliver carefully selected local Halal ingredients.

18-grain rice domestic glutinous barley 30 bags

18-grain rice domestic glutinous barley 30 bags


18 kinds of domestic multi-grain rice with plenty of domestic glutinous barley, which is rich in dietary fiber. Large capacity 30 bags!

  • Product information

    Product name Domestic glutinous barley 18-grain rice 30 bags
    Preservation method Store at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight
    expiry date 1 year
    Product content 500g x 30 bags
    raw materials Glutinous barley/Whole barley/Black rice/Blue skin brown rice/Adzuki beans/Soybeans/Corn/Green soybeans/Germ rolled barley/Dove barley/Red rice/Takakibi/Naked barley/Sprouted brown rice/Green rice/Glutinous millet/Glutinous rice/Glutinous brown rice
    * All raw rice used is domestically produced rice.
    allergy [Ingredients include] soybeans
    [Manufactured on the same line] Wheat/Soba
    Regarding delivery free shipping
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