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We deliver carefully selected local Halal ingredients.

Halal kebab 10 servings

Halal kebab 10 servings


Conveniently subdivided into 2 servings, 10 servings set is great value! We use Brazilian halal chicken thighs. Warm up the meat and bread and sandwich it with your favorite vegetables! Pour over the sauce and serve! For your home dinner menu! In addition, if you combine the meat with rice, it will transform into a kebab bowl! Just add the sauce to the vegetables and you have a kebab salad!


  • Keep the meat frozen and heat it in the microwave for 3 to 5 minutes before eating.
  • You can eat pita bread just by thawing it, but if you heat it up for about 30 seconds while it's frozen, it's even tastier and the pockets will be easier to open.
  • It is recommended to thaw the sauce in running water for each container.


Producer interview videos are available on Youtube!


  • Product information

    Product name Frozen chicken kebab set 10 servings
    Preservation method frozen
    expiry date about 3 months
    Product content

    5 7 inch pita bread

    Cooked frozen kebabs 1kg (250g x 4 packs)

    Dry sauce 50ml x 2 pieces

    Sweet sauce 50ml x 3 pieces

    raw materials bread/chicken/spice/sauce
    allergy wheat
    Shipping method cool mail
    shipping size 60
  • 取り扱い業者様

    Halal Kebab

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