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We deliver carefully selected local Halal ingredients.

Onishi biryani 50 bags

Onishi biryani 50 bags


Just by pouring hot water (water), you can easily make a full-fledged ethnic dish "Biryani". Japan Asia Halal Association certified product.

What is biryani?

Spicy rice cooked in a wide range of regions such as India and the Middle East. Large capacity 50 packs included!

  • Product information

    Product name Onishi biryani 50 bags
    Preservation method At normal temperature
    expiry date 5 years and 6 months
    Product content 80g x 50 packs (1 case)
    raw materials Non-glutinous rice (domestic) / dried carrots / dried green beans / seasoned onions / salt / dried coriander / spices / tomato powder / skim milk powder / onion extract powder / butter flavor powder / base seasoning / glucose / seasonings (amino acids, etc.) / spices Extract / fine silicon oxide / paprika pigment / trehalose / acidulant / antioxidant (vitamin E) / fragrance
    allergy Wheat/Soybean/Milk Ingredients

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